For those of you who’ve pulled dusty Merriam and Webster out of the closet, the title’s German for “inspired”; and no, you’re not going to receive a Zertifikat Deutsch for guessing that anytime soon. I simply reckoned that if Audi could be brave enough to push “vorsprung durch technik” around the world, they must have had a pretty damn good reason.

The question is, were they arrogant or simply inspired?

For someone who’s been in advertising, I can tell you that the inspiration behind a brand seldom makes the fifteen feet from the marketer’s sketchpad to the developer’s keyboard. Yet, it is that very inspiration, which makes the product break free of the clutter of price and promotion.

And what better way to be inspired than in the details; which is precisely what Audi have managed to do with their 2008 A4 (well, at least for the first 15 seconds). From the error messages to the manner in which the experience begins, the theme of setting a new standard is reinforced time and again. It’s just a shame that the rest of the site doesn’t quite follow suit.