They say there’s nothing like a bit of free publicity, and what better way than to invite a comedian (slash) filmmaker of CNN repute to live in your apartment while his house is being fumigated? Well, that’s exactly what an IKEA store in New Jersey did. In return, your guest gets to play laser tag with the security guards and write about it all week long!

Mark lives in IKEA is an interesting little campaign which is sure to raise a few eyebrows, if not drive people to check out the IKEA in Paramus. It’s a long way from anything award-winning and the missus certainly didn’t share Mark’s enthusiasm, but only the coming weeks will tell if IKEA’s holiday cheer was put to good use.

In case you’re still trying to swallow Mörker and Minifångst, join the millions of other IKEA customers who can’t introduce their own table lamp and organizer.