I thought I’d run out of things to write about this weekend – that is until Etisalat came along. With two long-drawn IVR telephone calls behind me, I’d finally managed to set up my E4ME account, only to receive this SMS.

Your high school English teacher would have called it high treason and I personally think that it reduces Etisalat’s brand to mulch, but you have to admit that the abbreviation “ur” is just about as legitimate as the contraction “you’re”. In fact, just six centuries ago, you’d be ridiculed for using anything short of “thine”.

I’d hate to think that’s what the schools will be teaching in a couple of years’ time, but there’s a small chance that internet slang could just be evolution at work. Think of how much print space we’d save.

On that note, you’ll also be interested to know that Hinglish is recognized after all.