Showtime Arabia (now OSN) is the Middle East’s leading pay-TV network. The company approached Proximity for solutions to its growing digital communication strategy in spring 2004, and has grew from strength to strength in its customer relationship management ever since.

Showtime came to Proximity in early 2007 with a brief to redesign its website and deliver a brand refresh which had been in the works since late 2006. In contrast to its previous image, the brand’s new message was clean and simple.By questioning every aspect of the old site that had at times turned into an information hub, Proximity put in a passionate effort to bring focus back to the person that mattered the most – the customer.

It didn’t come easy though. The sheer complexity of bilingual and country-specific customization meant that most pages took as much as ten seconds to load during the early stages. A stringent series of optimization exercises leading up to the site’s launch helped reduce that to under a millisecond by the time the site went live. The site was also integrated with MasterCard’s MiGS payment gateway and was powered by Proximity’s bespoke content management platform, Intertwine.