Designed as a part of ADCB’s corporate identity overhaul in August 2004, the original site featured a purpose-built Content Management System developed in classic ASP, with over 150 pages of detailed information on the bank’s services and facilities.

The site was redesigned in August 2005 to account for the bank’s rapid expansion. A key feature included in the new version was the ability to deliver live financial data as made available through Reuters. Although the english language site was developed in HTML 4.0, the arabic language site was developed in XHTML 1.0 Strict using table-less layout, semantic markup and DOM-generated navigation.

The site won Gold in the Banks and financial institutions category at the 2006 Pan Arab Web Awards, and is currently maintained by another agency.

The project also included a site built in Flash for ADCB Excellency, the bank’s  exclusive banking division for high net worth customers. The website was particularly unique as it needed to be optimized for bilingual search engines and plain text user agents.